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CLN has 30,000 views!!

CLN has 30,000 views!!


This article contains some of CLN’s employees speeches on achieving 30,000 views.

Lela Star:

Hi everyone! I’m Lela S, your CEA of CLN. Back in April 2021, specifically the day of April 27, 2021, me and Emi Cooky had the idea to start CLN. Two months later, it was created. CookyLela News has now hit 25,000 views. One of my wildest dreams (NO PUN INTENDED) has come true. I’m really proud of you guys: our readers, who helped us along the way, our special members, who were dedicated to our newspaper since day one, and our fellow writers, who made this amazing content for everyone to read! Here’s a little reward… and this time, I’m not lying or postponing anything. The CLN app is getting its final touches and will be released in the next few weeks! Oh yeah, one more thing: thank you all so much, readers and staff, for all the stuff you’ve done for CLN, ever since our very first day. I’m so grateful and so proud of you all.


Hi this is Imagene! Big news alert: 30,000 views! Well, more specifically, 30,003. Probably more by the time you read this article. I just still can’t believe it. We have come so far. I still remember when we were celebrating 2,000 views. I’m pretty sure it was in october-ish 2020. I was at my dad’s office, and I remember shouting into the next room, “Dad! Dad! We have TWO THOUSAND VIEWS!” and being so excited. But now we are getting double triple four times that number of views a month. We have come so far! I would like to thank all of our readers for helping us get to 20,000 views, and all of the milestones along the way. I would also like to thank the other CLN members for giving me inspiration for articles, and for advertising our newspaper. I just CANNOT believe how far we have come since then, and now we are getting almost 7,000 views a month. I just- I’m speechless. And so proud of everybody.


Hi everyone! It’s Tay, CLN’s COA (Chief Operating Author). How is everything going? For me, AMAZING! Thank you guys so much for the many many views. We have come a long way since I joined in mid-March and at that time we were celebrating 7,000 views. Looking back on that, it seems a little small because of all the views you guys have given us. Every time I write the little note on the front page of the weekly article downloads, I look at the views and go, “HOW IN THE WORLD ARE WE AT 20,000 ALREADY?!” I woke up at 7:06 with a text from Lela S. on Thursday saying we are at 30,000 views. But the people who helped us achieve this number are actually you guys. I just want to thank you guys for all the support over the past 4 months and the great experience you have given me to be a part of an amazing team and project.

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