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Wars good or bad?

Wars good or bad?


During a long time in history we’ve had a Lot of wars happening like world war 2 one the Vietnam war but is this necessary or Is it just a waste time what are the advantages?

Wars can actually be a good thing surprisingly because It is better for the economy more people buying weapons and more money.In the military it will more people so more employments and also we will be creating new devices technology witch will later evolve in the industry.

Now for example in world war 2 world war2 brought full employment and a fair distribution of income women entered a workplace for the first time of their life wages increased and a way better changing In agriculture life.

To summaries the advantage’s are:

  • Better for the economy

  • More employments

  • Fair distribution of income

  • Better technology witch evaluates in the industry

Now what are the disadvantages of war the effects of war my seem good but it is good as it is bad because after we invaded each other with bombs and gunshots what will happen is the the city gonna stay spotless no it will be a chaotic and long wasting effects on the contras economy armed conflict has an important negative consequences on infrastructure or public health.

For example in war world 2 economy wrecked millions of refugees inmense destruction lost lives of innocent people spread of many diseases disturbance In société.

To summaries here are the disvantages

  • Lost construction all around

  • Lost people innocent people lives

  • Disturbance in society

  • Spread of daisies

To be honest in my opinion I don’t think war Is a good thing because we don’t need to fight just because two people have a different opinion we can set it out by finding a solution.

We don’t need to invade each other with bombs and loose innocent people lives.

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