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The Toppled Tree

In the middle of Avenue Lansdowne, where I walk my dog, a gigantic tree toppled down. Let me give you the full story.

Remember the GIGANTIC storm that happened the other day? Here's what happened on Lansdowne.

The road was a 30 degree slope, but it looked like a rushing 90 degree waterfall! Imagine what the people in the cars felt like... Anyway, a few hours later when, amazingly, the "river" dried up, me and my family went on a walk. It was then that we noticed that in the middle of Lansdowne, a gigantic tree fell down. Luckily no one got hurt. What a big tree! Whoa.

At the start, there was quiet, nice rain. But then, a huge gust of wind stirred up so much and broke the tree branch, which then fell down splat on top of two cars.

Other branches got knocked down too, all over the city. It also left some dangling from trees. Also, dirt got blown onto the sidewalk. Holes like these were created as well:

Crazy, right!? It's astounding how much damage a small storm can do to a road.

Oh, I almost forgot. That was not a small storm, by the way.

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