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How to make a Clock in Scratch!

How to make a Clock in Scratch!


Hi everyone! I have heard that there was an interest in scratch and coding. This project actually requires no code! It is just a strategy I found to make a clock!

Let’s start!

First go to sensing

Turn on the thing that says current year (may be different)

You will see it pops up in the game box. Now to add a different date, first select the little arrow pointing down and pick a different time. Then, turn off the blue check box, then turn it back on!

You have to follow this direct way, or else it will delete previous boxes. No code required! Feel free to pick a background if you feel like it would look way better!

To change it from a read out to a number, softly tap the readout and click large readout. Feel free to customize your clock the way you want!

Check out the clock here!

Please let Lelasta know if you want more easy scratch things!

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